Issues with Visualizing Rooms in Power BI Viewer

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with visualizing rooms in the Power BI viewer. I can connect everything successfully and I can see the data; however, the viewer is empty when displaying my data.

Here are the details of my setup:

  1. Connection: Successfully connected Power BI to Speckle.
  2. Data: Data is correctly imported and visible in Power BI.
  3. Viewer Issue: The viewer does not display any rooms or related visuals, it’s just empty.

I’ve checked the following:

Has anyone faced a similar issue or can provide any insights on what might be going wrong? Any suggestions or steps to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

hey @Mauro is the project sharing status set to Link Shared ?

Private projects cannot be presented in the 3d visual at this time.

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