Issues with 2.16 server update

Hey guys,

I tried to update our company deployment today to 2.16 but my speckle-server container is not happy about something that I could not trace it on the code base.

The error message says:

speckle-server_1      | Error: Cannot find module '/speckle-server/packages/server/bash

And it doesn’t initialize :frowning:
Any ideas?

Hi @vwb

Sorry to hear that it hasn’t been as smooth a process as we’d like.

I think this can be resolved if you also update your Docker Compose or Kubernetes Helm Chart as well as changing the version of the Speckle server images.

You can find the latest Docker Compose file in our guide. If you haven’t already, you should also follow the instructions on backing up your data before upgrading.

You aren’t the first person to encounter this issue, so for further reference you can also read this forum post with a similar issue and diagnosis.




That was it. Thanks Ian!