Issue with certain properties when sending from Revit


Wondering if anyone ran into this when trying to upload a modell from Revit. We received a modell from a consultant and when tryin to speckle it i am getting an error message regarding invalid characters found in Extensions.Parameters property. Looks like this:
Is there a workaround or easy fix for this from Revit?

Update on this: This turnes out to be a really weird revit file with hidden parameters that i could only see via Dynamo, that seem invisible to the revit UI. Thus the inital confusion with the error in the first place.

I know where this worded error would flag in our logic, but this should not halt conversion. Instead, report the error in the conversion log and move on. We also shouldn’t be hitting this event in standard conditions.

In testing, I haven’t been able to replicate this by using the Structural Extension tools or creating a Project Parameter with the same name.

Does another plugin construct these properties?

Can you share a model fragment with the elements containing this parameter? If not can you isolate what element types you are sending causing this issue