Inviting a list of people

Hello guys,

I had to invite 20 people to a Speckle project at once yesterday. It was a piece by piece process. It would be beneficial to have a feature which allows for quickly adding a team. I believe that it is already on your list … wanted to add it here in case it is not.


Server admins have access to a batch invite endpoint with the API

The API is pretty cool and I assumed that you already have a treat in place for us :slight_smile: .

It would be good to have it in the UI … but not for now. Without the proper multi-address field, it may cause frustration for Speckle project owners who may have to add bigger teams to their projects.

Hi @AlexHofbeck,
It is possible to invite more people using a comma as a separator between the email addresses.

I hope it helps,


Cool! That was not clear to me by looking at it :sweat_smile:. Thanks @Agi

I know, we’ll add at least some hint. But the whole workflow needs some improvement.
Thank you for your feedback!

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