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¡Hola @Clebson_Vasconcelos !
¡Bienvenido a nuestra comunidad! Estamos encantados de tenerte aquí. Si tienes alguna idea sobre cómo podemos mejorar nuestra conexión con Power BI, ¡nos encantaría escucharte! No dudes en compartir tus pensamientos con nosotros.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Shijo Jose, and I am thrilled to connect with this vibrant community as a BIM Implementation Specialist. In the ever-evolving landscape of Building Information Modeling (BIM), there’s nothing more captivating than exploring the potential of OpenBIM workflows.

Today, I’m reaching out to all of you with a specific focus on a tool that’s been making waves in our industry - Speckle. As we all know, seamless data transfer between different software is the backbone of any successful project. That’s where Speckle steps in, offering a bridge between diverse BIM applications.

I’m eager to tap into the collective wisdom of this community and hear your insights on how Speckle has played a role in your workflows. As someone deeply passionate about BIM, I’m keen to discover how Speckle has made data transfer between software platforms a breeze in your projects.

Have you experienced the transformative power of Speckle in your work life? How has it contributed to the success of your projects? Your stories, tips, and experiences are gold, and I can’t wait to learn from each of you.

Please share your thoughts on how Speckle has become an integral part of your BIM processes and how it’s shaping the way we work. Your insights will not only benefit me but the entire community.

Looking forward to diving into the rich tapestry of experiences that Speckle brings to our BIM journeys.


Hello, this is Firat! :raising_hand_man:

First off, I’m not a new face here (yay!) but I’m thrilled to finally get a chance to write a proper intro. :tada:

I believe my destiny was written to engineer and develop things. This journey has many facets. First and foremost, I engineer and develop myself. This process often resembles a soup (definitely a delicious one). It’s brewed with patience, hard work, a love for reading, struggles, stress, and many smiles. It’s tough, but who said it would be easy? This process has shaped “me”, and I must confess, I’m very proud of it. :rocket:

Secondly, I love developing the phenomenon of “being under a roof”. This was initiated by my professional life, investing years to become a thorough Civil-Structure Engineer & Developer, earning my BS and MS from Istanbul Tech University, and starting my Ph.D. at Ohio State University. :mortar_board:

Somewhere between the second and third, I’d like to highlight the developer side of myself. Even though I often wonder how this happened to me, I finally find myself going to bed with peace and happiness by knowing this was the right action to take. Yes, I am a developer too, half self-taught and half boot-camped (not an eash and short one, the one with tears and sleepless nights​:blush:). :computer:

During my nearly five-year academic journey at Istanbul Tech, Gebze Tech from Turkey, Ohio State University, and the National Institute of Science and Technology from the US, I gained one crucial insight: THE ONE WHO SEEKS QUALITY AND SAFETY NEEDS TO KNOW CODE! I knew it, felt it, and was hurt because of lacking it. I still don’t feel confident and never want to, as I believe that keeps the core and spirit of our development alive. :seedling:

Thirdly, my enthusiasm lies in compounding Civil-Structure-Architecture techs with automation and code-based activities. In this section, I realized - a long time ago - there is Speckle. And really, I deeply appreciate the entire Speckle Team, starting from its founders and considering every member of this team. Actively, I’d like to be in this section right now. I know there’s a lot to learn, but I have the patience, desire, and skill for this. :blush:

Last but not least, there’s my family, my garden, my flowers, my passion for photography and creativity, my endless desire for reading, my care for my nieces and nephews, my deep and strong relationships with my friends and family members, my eggplant recipes, pizzas so on so forth. :blossom:

Here’s a tiny subset of my journey that I’ve tried to share with this great team and its contributors. As we’ll hang out here a lot, I’m hoping to spend this time as fruitfully as possible. :apple:



Hey there!
My name is Arvind. I worked for about 2 years as an architect in India and am now studying Architectural Computation at the Bartlett in London.

I’m currently working on a façade optimization problem using machine learning.
I only learnt about Speckle a couple of days ago and have been using it to shuttle data back and forth between Grasshopper and a Colab notebook to train and test my ML model. Can’t wait to dig deeper and explore other potential uses!

When I’m not working on stuff for uni, I’m painting, exploring London, and watching an unhealthy amount of D&D actual-play.

Look forward to maybe seeing some of you in person if there’s another London meet-up in the works :smiley:


Great to have you here @Arvind_py if you get to a point you can share more details we love to hear more.

If it serves any help @andrewnorris gave a great presentation of his work on classifications of speckle data with ML:


My name is Jacques and I work at OIB, an office managing buildings and infrastructures in Brussels (Belgium). We manage works, moves, and lot of stuff to have people happy in the buildings (Facility Management), but all those things are managed separately, with some links between applications but not always, bidirectional but not always. I’m exploring solutions with BIM and other standards to gather the info in a central system, and connect all the parts together. I discovered Speckle very recently, it’s an amazing product, hope it will fit our needs, at least partially.
As we are behind a corporate proxy and do not want having our plans and info publicly available, I’m forced to set up a local server (what I did) and explore capabilities that way.

During my free time, I take care of my family and friends of course, and I belong to the board of some local schools (about 2500 children from 3 to 18 years old), where I help developing networks, WIFI in each classroom, and so on.


That’s fantastic! Are you using any specific software for management? Last year, I experimented with Speckle and IoT data to develop a digital twin prototype. Although it wasn’t for operational purposes, it was part of our work in testing and evaluating new construction solutions, particularly focusing on Modern Methods of Construction (MMCs).

I found Speckle to be highly effective in managing information. The primary challenge, however, lies in managing and adding data to the model, which seems to be a universal issue. If you’ve already figured out an efficient way to handle this in your current system, integrating Speckle should work well for you.

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I’m new in the discipline, coming from IT infrastructures, and having some experience in collecting sensor data from BMS (Building Management Systems) for energy reports. Some maintenance is managed with CarlSource and space management is done with Archibus. Works are managed in Archibus then drawed in AutoCAD and there is a connector between Archibus and AutoCAD. Now we want to go further and find a way to have one central repository for plans and all related data. Speckle is interesting in the way they connect to about everything, but I think that we should in parallel look at a BOS (like xBOS from Berkeley University, or other platforms) to manage metadata to describe the buildings, logs from sensors, and assets documentation plus ticketing. Any tip or guidance is welcome.


@Ricardo_Zepeda and @japetit, I am anticipating a strong level of use for Speckle Automate in this area.

We will see. Some functions are not available with a local server, like PowerBI visualisation that I just checked and found very interesting for reports… Unfortunately, it works currently only on Speckle’s cloud server. Hope it will be ported to local server too…

Hey everyone!

I’m Adriana. Originally studied Architecture in Cuba, but around 7 years back, I got into specializing in BIM methodology over in Spain, which is where I’m currently based.

Started off as a BIM Manager in smaller architecture firms, but then got the opportunity to dive into a large-scale project, which totally shifted my perspective. Now, I’m all about exploring different kinds of oportunities.

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a fresh challenge in my career. That’s why I’ve been hitting the books on Python and keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the AEC industry.

When I’m not glued to the screen, you can catch me on the padel court or kicking back with friends over a beer. Cheers!


Hi there!

I’m a BIM Coordinator in a portuguese AEC company.
Despite having known about Speckle for a few years, it was only recently that I started to explore it.
We all win when we share experiences with each other, that’s why I decided to join this community.


That’s so true! :star_struck:
Welcome and looking forward to seeing you around here :speckle:

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Hello, everyone!

I’m Eduardo Olivo, a civil engineer and BIM manager from Brazil.

I have a wide range of experinces in the AEC industry, from construction sites to project development, cost estimation, planning, management and others, always working with BIM.

Recently found speckle and can’t stop been amazed by it! I believe it will help a lot in the mission to get BIM closer to the buildings and available to other stakeholders.




Who I am ?

I’m a French Guy which use rhino and grasshopper for a long time (i have the leel 1 and 2 of rhino)
I use rhino to drawing in jewelry.
I use python a little too and some other programming language but in tourist mode

I would like to use rhino and grasshopper to share free some parametric object for automatic print or laser cutting.

So, hi everybody and sorry for my poor english.

big up for your good job…

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Welcome @Marc_HERMOUET !
Wow, jewelry, such an interesting use case :slight_smile:

Do you have any projects (aka Streams) that you can share publicly?