Introduce yourself 🙆

Hi Alex,

Great to hear that we have common interests :upside_down_face: I’m planning to start developing RFEM connector -as community contribution - soon instead of making a request from Speckle team. Still making some investigation about Python SDK. Maybe some community members would like to help me with that :rocket:

Let’s keep in touch :grinning:


Hi Speckle Community,

Lovely to meet you all! :wave:t4: I’m Sarah Louise, located in The Netherlands! :netherlands: I’ve recently joined the team as a Talent Acquisition Lead, looking after all things talent; sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring & onboarding employees @ Speckle! I’m passionate about delivering a fun & positive candidate experience & enjoy connecting with curious & passionate talent!

Super excited to have joined an incredible, yet growing distributed team, such as Speckle! Loving this inclusive open source community & great to see the conversations, specifically on how Speckle has added value to the AEC Industry! :rocket:

If you are curious about what it’s like to work at Speckle or/and have an interest in any of our current openings, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to connect! :blush: You can reach me @ or connect on LinkedIn!


Hello Community!

My name is Namita, and I am a new full time Speckler :confetti_ball:

I joined the team this week as a Product Marketing Manager, and I’m very excited to be part of such a global community. Based in Toronto, Canada, I have a background in architectural design (studied at the University of Toronto and worked at Sou Fujimoto Architects) but recently fell in love with marketing. Please feel free to reach out to me for any/all of your Speckle needs and concerns. Happy to do my part in transforming the AEC industry for the better. #SPEAK(le)in3D

P.S. I don’t have any pets or cool bread baking skills but here is a picture of my favorite snack and dessert instead.


My name is Piero, i am from Chile, South América.
I am an architect. I´m working with CAM/CAD software name Topsolid and I am implementing the bim methodology with Revit. i have so many questions about Speckle.
my dream is make this workflow works…


Hi Everyone!!
I´ve been following speckle since around 2018, but back then I just didn´t understand how to make it work. I remember Flux was the interoperability tool developed by google back then. Nevertheless, it died and we were left on our own devices for a while.

I have gone through a lot of changes in my career life. Back in 99´ till 2005 I did almost my whole studies drawing by hand and begrudgingly had to learn AutoCAD. Now I´m a Senior Computational Designer in Germany and I´m just amazed how the technology has evolved.

I find my self often diving in several subjects at the same time, because I don´t seem to fully grasp people in the Speckle team are so damn talented and knowledgeable.

I love to think about tools in different ways and give them unexpected uses as we are doing in the Laboratory for Environmental Advocacy in experiences I and II at Umea University in Sweden.

I totally love Speckle and I really believe in the vision and the mission of the whole company.

I´m here to learn more and I´d love to get more insights on how we can transition from advanced users of Computational tool more into a developer territory.

I want to contribute to the speckle community in a meaningful way and I´m very excited to be part of this change.

Cheers to @dimitrie @teocomi @clrkng and the whole Speckle team for such an amazing work you´re doing!


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I never did a formal introduction here, but I won’t say no to showing off my kittens…

Hi, I’m Maryanne. I’m a recovering structural engineer turned software developer (I still dabble a bit on the analysis side, but I don’t miss debugging Ansys models in the least).

Python was my first programming language (I got away from using VBA as quickly as I could), and have since worked in C# and dabbled in C++ (enough to do Python performance optimization via Cython). More recently, I’ve done a fair amount of web application work with Javascript (Svelte, React, D3, NodeJS), so I’m hoping to poke around a bit more with the Speckle Javascript SDK to expand on the sustainability app I put together using Speckle and EC3.

I also am a big fan of data visualization and have done a lot of work with D3 looking at datasets around sustainability. I’m now setting my sights on 3d web viz and playing around with Three.js.

I live just outside Los Angeles (hard to tell where it ends, given the sprawl), and I like to tinker with electronics kits, in particular hobbyist e-ink displays. I’ve got two kittens named Murphy and Cooper after the fictitious astrophysicist, and here’s the cat tax.


Hello Specklers,

My name is Connor and I’m the newest member of the Speckle Team. I live in the great state of Texas and just left a job working at a structural engineering to work on the Revit Connector for Speckle.

I found out about Speckle when I got fed up with having to model a building in Revit and then having to model the same building in RISA, SAP, RAM, ect. I’m hoping to help create more connectors for structural software to help out all of my engineer friends.

In my free time I like to play disc golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and pretty much any sport. I also enjoy going on walks with my wife and our Australian Shepard.


Hi everyone, I’m Iain and I’m the newest member of the Speckle team :partying_face:

I’m joining the team as a Platform Engineer, responsible for building and managing the systems that deploy and operate Speckle in the cloud, ensuring it is available, secure, and reliable. I join Speckle from a financial technology company, where I was a backend software engineer, and previously worked on platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology.

Software engineering is a second career for me. I started my professional career with Ramboll, spending 11 years as a structural engineer and latterly as a Project Manager. I picked up programming whilst there, progressing through creating ever more complex Excel formulae, some Cobol-like :scream: scripts for Finite Element software, then C# for developing Grasshopper components. I had the ever-growing feeling that technology could be a catalyst for transformation of the AEC industry, and I wanted to be a greater part of creating it. This led me to signing up for ‘night-school’ for 3 years to study software engineering, and then making the leap across into the tech industry. After gaining deeper tech industry experience, I’m really excited to now be part of Speckle.

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, and try to get out into the countryside whenever I can, whether that’s hill walking or surfing on Ireland’s beautiful west coast. Unfortunately I don’t have any pets or freshly-baked bread to share photos of, so here is one of me on some ‘found furniture’ on a Donegal mountain in the fog.


Hi everyone!

I’m Christian and I have just joined Speckle as Head of Community! So, you will be seeing me around here quite a lot from now on!

I have worked in community management for over 15 years in various industries including: Gaming, Telecoms, Education, Software Engineering and more.

I live in London and enjoy travelling, gaming, writing, reading, drinking (:wink:) and binge watching tv shows on streaming services. I love animals, so pet pictures are always welcome - It was nice to already see so many while looking through this thread. My favourite current shows are The Witcher, The Boys and The Orville, and I’m seriously looking forward to the Game of Thrones spin off House of the Dragon. My favourite games are single player RPG’s, but I play a few mobile games too.

I am here to make the Speckle community bigger, better, and even more fabulous than it already is, and I’ll certainly need your help to do that as YOU ARE the community! So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with ideas, feedback, suggestions, or even just to say “Hi”.

Happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Here is me posing in Egypt…



I am Alberto, portuguese, working in Portugal. I am software engineer and I work to Faro (, a hardware and software company.

My team works with CAD but we are moving to the BIM world. We are currently investigating existing BIM frameworks that can help us support workflows to our customers.

In my free time I love to play chess, cycling and to be with my girlfriend and family.

Nice to meet you all.


Hey everyone!

I’m Siddharth from India and I work as a full-time community person for open source through Aviyel.

I’ve just begun exploring speckle and thought it would be a good idea to be around here and learn from the community :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’m Ibrahim Saad, I’m currently based in Egypt, I work as a BIM Software Developer, I currently work with Sanveo on AECInspire Forge-based web application. I just started getting into Speckle and I’m also willing to collaborate on the open issues especially related to speckle-sharp (I could use some help here tbh if someone willing to show me the way in :nerd_face:).

I see a lot of beautiful cats and bread loafs over this thread. :drooling_face:

In my free time I like to read, draw or watch some avant-garde hipster film. Here is one of my awful paintings.


Welcome to community @ibrahimsaad,

That is a beautiful painting😍. Our speckle-examples repo is a great starting point for starters🤝. Feel free to ping us here if you have any questions (by us i meant the team, i’m not a c# expert lol).


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for directing me towards the examples, this will definitely help in getting started with the SDK. However I was looking more into helping with the open issues, but it’s my first time getting into an open source project.


Hi guys,
my name is Philippo, 25 years old and I’m from Italy but I live in Vienna, Austria.

I became aware of Speckle because I am working on my diploma thesis, that is about the intersection between Parametric Design and BIM. I’m about to graduate and I’m looking forward to everything new that comes my way. From September, I will also start studying computer science, as I would like to familiarise myself with the field of software programming, as this area is growing very quickly and I would like to take advantage of the opportunity. In addition, I will also further develop Speckle as a community member at the first moment :smiley:

In this regard, i will be more active in the forum in the near future and will try to make a partial contribution. :slight_smile:

Apart from my student career and education as a civil engineer, I love to hike and climb in my free time. I come from the northern part of Italy, where we have mountains between 3000 and 4000m altitude. So I grew up with them and developed my passion for them.

I look forward to everything else and i´m happy to be here :smiley:

Best wishes, Pippo


Hi there I’m Roland, living in Hungary, BUdapest.

I love doing research and project management of such, around the AEC industry :slightly_smiling_face:
Anything that will make this industry more efficient …
I like nice workflows, consequently I like speckle too!

When not doing that, I am off doing other risky business, like sailing catamaran, or up the mountains.

See you around


Impressive feat :metal:t2:


Hello, my name is Michael Wickerson

I am currently interested in creating fluid and easy to follow grasshopper scripts for Rhino3D that stretch back into python machine learning and data science libraries by running ghhops_servers thru Flask in Visual Studio Code. Then architects, engineers, artists and designers alike can model with the grasshopper vanilla nodes and plugins, all the while, hopping to the python functions and classes with the hops component. They can then create new and interesting forms and geometries that may actually lead to the curve tool paths for all types of robotic additive manufacturing porcesses.

Speckle seems to be the newest and back place for these type of international collaborations to take place.

github: mwickerson (Michael Wickerson) (
youtube video tutorials: Michael Wickerson - YouTube LIVE tutorials daily: michael_wickerson’s Schedule - Twitch
Support on Patreon: Michael Wickerson is creating Python Scripts in VSC for Grasshopper and Rhino3D | Patreon

All the Best, here’s to future collaborations,

Michael David Wickerson




My name is Ahmed. I am based in Egypt but work remotely in NYC as a BIM engineer. I discovered Speckle while scrolling on Twitter. I love how the AEC industry intersected with programming. I began my way of being a self-taught programmer with a focus on AEC applications.

I am not sure of how speckle can contribute to our workflow as I am working in a BIM consulting company but the community here is great and I am happy to be here.