Integration with revit 2025

Now that the 2025 revit version was released speckle should update the revit connector for it does not work with revit 2025.

Are you already actively using Revit 2025 on live projects @FRITZ_CARLOS_DANIEL ?

What new features of Revit 2025 do you see value in us exploring beyond simply adding support for the new version?

Any idea when we’ll get the new update for 2025 revit

Hello @deadice,

Welcome to these parts! Revit 2025 has some significant changes in the .NET framework used, which makes it a more comprehensive change. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any immediate timelines. However, depending on the requests we receive from our community, we can prioritize it even more.

By the way, have you started using Revit 2025 for your production work already? If we had a connector for Revit 2025, how would you plan to use it? I would be happy to learn more about your thoughts.

Hey! Hope everyone is feeling great!

Is there any news about Speckle for Revit 2025? I had to start using it because I was having problems with integration between Revit and Navisworks. Then I reminded myself that I was using speckle to show my work progress to my colleagues and there’s no speckle button for me to keep updating the model.

I just saw an internal demo from the Revit connector team of Revit 2025 support.

Not only does this add Speckle support for Revit, but thanks to ADSK moving to a more modern .NET runtime, we are seeing sending from SpeckleRevit connector times slashed by 50%

I hope this will be included as a patch in the upcoming 2.19 RC release, but I’ll keep you updated.

Note: RC means we have done internal testing, and if no one shouts that anything is broken, this will become the official release in a week or so.


Hey, it’s me again.
Sorry if here is not the right topic but I’m having problems with Speckle for Revit 2025.
For some reason, I don’t understand why it’s not working on my computer.

Hey @Aline_Nunes ,

Support for Revit 2025 is not released yet. It’s coming soon.

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this sounds very promising, @jonathon. Cannot wait to see more and am also looking forward to how this might impact the receiving.