Installing with SpeckleManager fails and glitches (mac)

OS: 12.4 Monterey
Processor: Intel
Manager version: 2.2.6
Blender version: 3.1.0

Installing fails and the failure message ‘toast’ popup seems incorrect (reporting an uninstall error)
Screen Recording 2022-06-24 at 22_14_23

The Manager said that Blender 3 is experimentally supported, is it failing at a version check?

I have a manually installed version working in v3.1.0, I’m not sure what ‘official’ version this would be as it reports as v0.2.0. I was excited by the recent repo commits to see the proper installer coming. Should I remove this manually added plugin first (with all its cobbled-together dependencies?)

If one installs a prior version of the GH connector (again mac) the Manager will report the latest version as being installed. It isn’t clear therefore what version is in fact installed.

Screen Recording 2022-06-24 at 22_19_07

The standalone netlify releases only include .exe Windows files. Any plans to also have standalone Mac releases?

heya! regarding the blender installer, apologies but the Mac installer should have still been a prerelease. because of some of our dependencies needing to be compiled for specific OS and architecture, we still have some stuff to work out re how to separate this in manager and how to create installers for everyone via CI

basically, it only works on M1 macs atm bc that’s what I use and have been able to debug :upside_down_face:. I think I know how to create all installers now (it’s honestly been such a pain!) but we have to also figure out a convention for handling this kind of thing in manager - updates to come!

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We’d like to enable it, but so far we haven’t found an equivalent of exe installers for Mac that we could easily create during our CI/CD processes… Any suggestions? :smiley:

Not something I’m familiar with either, maybe I could be.