Installing Speckle on Mac

Is it possible to install Speckle on Mac, and if so how would you do this?

I know that there was already a question about this a few days ago for the GH plugins, but would I be able to install the Speckle core and then work with the Python API in grasshopper somehow?

Hi! As @teocomi confirmed in feed you referenced, the current version of Speckle is not Mac compatible. That being said, we are currently developing 2.0 and I can confirm the Core of speckle should work cross platform without trouble, as it is build for NetStandard2.0.

There is still quite a way ahead before we can show you some results on this, but we’ll keep the community updated!!


Exactly what @AlanRynne said, you should be able to use Core 1.x as long as you don’t need to call the Account Manager as it’s built in WPF and won’t work in MacOs…
Likewise, you should be able to run the Python SDK! Although I haven’t tried…

Any further questions just shoot!

To follow up: Core 1.x is already .NET standard, so it should work fine on OSX with some caveats. I’ve seen people referencing it directly using IronPyton in Gh - not sure what the success rate there is, but it’s worth a try.

The 1.x python SDK has been used quite a bit, and should be totally cross platform! @TomSvilans developed it for the Blender plugin, and that’s recently got some fixes to work nicely on Linux systems too.

Disclaimer: @teocomi knows some pyton, I can’t even declare a variable in it, and our resident expert @izzylys has converted to building PC. So any feedback in this regard will help us a lot!

Not sure about other software, but would be really cool if at least Blender, rhino & grasshopper connectors could be used in Mac too!

Thanks in advance!

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Rhino is difficult, as our ui dependency is windows only unfortunately. Grasshopper and Blender though :ballot_box_with_check: - it might be difficult to integrate with the manager directly, but we might be able to provide some builds.

PS: If brave, the Speckle Grasshopper plugin should build on mac!

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Just to add to the list, our QGIS connector works everywhere QGIS does (tested in win and mac).

That said, it is still under development so don’t expect everything to be there yet! :wink:

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Thanks, I’d love to try the Speckle for Grasshopper Mac but at the moment I’m not able to create the build without help… I’ll see if someone can help me on my side.

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@j.beneitez, you asked for it and it is done! I built the files and wrote a super quick txt file telling you where they should go. I just tested on my computer and it worked fine. Here’s some QGIS data (sent from a mac) received in Grasshopper for Mac :smiley: :point_down:t3:

And here’s the zip file with everything:


Hey Alan! Thank you so much for sharing the GH files with me! I can’t wait to try. Only one more thing, I can’t find the installer for the speckle manager for Mac. Would you be able to share the download link?

hey @j.beneitez! Sorry, I should have not assumed anything in the instructions :smiley: i’ll update them in a bit but you’ll find the links in the Installation section of this page:

Thanks! much appreciated! I’ll look there

Sorry to bother you again Alan, but the installer doesn’t create the kits folder, should I create it myself?

No worries! Yes you can create it yourself :slight_smile:

Yeah! It worked! Thank you!


Have fun with it then!! And feel free to let us know if anything doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do! Thank you for all the help


Good afternoon guys, you are doing such a great job with Speckle, I have been using it a lot at work in a windows machine. I wonder if there is a way to install the GH plugin in a Mac laptop. Would it work if I copy all the dependencies from a PC computer into the correct PATHS? I just don’t want to build the project by my self

You can download the GH Mac connector “sneak preview” here: Does Speckle v2 supports Grasshopper plugin on Mac - #16



Just wanted to update on the status of Speckle for Mac for anybody that wonders how it’s going.

We recently released our first two installers for Mac (Rhino and Grasshopper) and others will soon follow!

Read more about it here :point_right:t3:

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