Does Speckle v2 supports Grasshopper plugin on Mac

Sorry my bad. It was a quick fix. As you can tell, I have recently transitioned to Mac.

Final status of the challenge.

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Hey @Mayur_Mistry!

Here you can find the latest installer for Grasshopper Mac, which AFAIK is 2.2.1. Just double click on the speckleGHInstall file and you should see something like this happening :point_down:

We’re hoping we will integrate the installers straight into the Manager, so you won’t ever have to see this. But for now that should do it.

One thing though… how did you manage to get to the Connectors page? :sweat_smile: It should be disabled in Mac:


Thanks @AlanRynne I cant run exe file and pdb gives this prompt. The connector option was enabled when I installed.

For exe, this is the prompt.


Ouch, I actually tested it in my machine before zipping it (screenshot was from the test…)! Let me look into it, brb!

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Hey @Mayur_Mistry, not sure what could be going on but I just re-built the whole thing, could you download it again and give it a try?

Let me know how it goes :smiley:

Hi @AlanRynne, Same issue.

Hi @AlanRynne , I didnt check your email. I followed the procedure. It works now. Thank you very much.

yup that was the last version (with the manual install), glad you got it. Not sure what is going on with the installer but we’re looking into it.

Let us know if you bump into any trouble along the way! The Mac GH Connector is fairly under-used but should work just fine. :+1:

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Hey @AlanRynne - having the same issue as @Mayur_Mistry with regard to install. Do you have a work around?

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Hi @tomhebunn!

Unfortunately I never managed to pin-point what was going on with the installer. I’m hoping to get a look at this during this sprint.

Once that is done, we’ll hook up the process to the Manager so it would be just a 1-click install. Until then, you’ll have to install it manually. Fair warning, until we get to add it to the Manager, you’ll have no way of updating your installation so consider this a “sneak peek” :eyes: on what’s to come!

You can download v2.2.3 from here →


Tried yesterday in my Mac Book M1, at it crash Grasshopper completely. Probably is cause the Apple Silicon, and the emulation?

Have someone successfully run the GH plugin in this kind of conditions?

Anyway, thanks everyone for the great work at Speckle, will continue following all the updates and tutorials online.

Hey @monsieurpablo, if GH runs fine on the M1 Mac, so should our connector!
The release you tested is quite outdated, we’ll make a new one shortly after the holidays - ping us if we forget :wink:

Anyways, it’ll be one of our priorities for early next year to have proper Mac versions of our GH and Rhino connectors!

Hi @AlanRynneI have tried to install the Grasshopper Connector for mac… Unfortunately, the installation did not work. Then I tried to install it manually but I don’t know where to find the folder “~/.config/Speckle/Kits” could you help me?

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You can make this as a blank folder and from memory the install then proceeds fine.

If you can’t see invisible folders goto your home user directory and press Command + Shift + . (period) from there you can make any directory you need.

Pressing Command + Shift + . (period) hides hidden files/folders again.


@jsdbroughton Thanks for the quick reply. Everything seems to be working now!

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Hi @AlanRynne, I got a GH error when using “Create Speckle Object” (see screenshot).
It seems to reproduce the error every time.
Is it compatible with rhino 7 or only with rhino 6?

Hi @bruadam,

It should be compatible with both Rhino 6 and 7, although the last sneak peek release of GH for mac was a while ago, so we may need to do another one.

Anyway, since the installation process is quite manual, please double check everything was put in the right place :slight_smile: I’ll do some tests in the afternoon to see if I manage to reproduce your issue, but it’s working on my machine for now. Could you also send me a GH file with one of those corrupted components?


Just wanted to update on the status of Speckle for Mac for anybody that wonders how it’s going.

We recently released our first two installers for Mac (Rhino and Grasshopper) and others will soon follow!

Read more about it here :point_right:t3:

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