Information in Commit about version of Connector?

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Is it possible to query which connector version that sent the commit?
We want to find a way to support upcoming versions and possible breaking changes, why we seek the version number in the commit data.

Hey Martin,

That’s what we internally refer to as “Core Version”, but unfortunately, it’s not currently being tracked.
We’re always trying to minimize breaking changes, so hopefully, it won’t be of too much inconvenience!

For the connectors considered stable, the commit and object data can be relied upon also as stable.

Where anything approaching a breaking change is forthcoming, we will communicate this well in advance. Your request has been logged to be addressed before such a circumstance.

Hooking into this with a follow-up question:
how backwards compatible is the data sent/received on streams?
Can we force a specific version of connectors to send to streams (maybe a global stream setting)?

The “shape” of commits and objects has not changed and is likely not to change.

As we scope the capabilities of newer software versions, i.e. the detail of what properties are included and the geometry conversions may improve, the fundamentals of Speckle will still be receivable in older versions of our connectors and the software versions they support.

For example, as of 2.10, the Revit connector no longer supports Revit 2019. But the connectors before that are still available for those users, and streams made now will be receivable in that 2019 version.

It is one key part of our testing for release that changes we make do not break this idea. So before we release, for instance, 4D Mesh support for RhinoCAD, we test thoroughly if this breaks data in existing streams. What may not then be backwards compatible is that these new types may not be supported in older connectors for older software, but the Project Streams will still import but be missing the new types.

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Very clear, thanks.
I will create a feature post about enforcing connector versions.