Incorrect naming of levels in the filter

Colleagues encountered a problem where in the filtration of “levels” the names of “levels” are somehow shortened. Moreover, the shortening of words occurs when there is a dot in the naming. I am attaching a screenshot. I would like to understand what needs to be done so that the names of “levels” are not shortened, as it is not very convenient to recognize them otherwise during filtration.

Thank @Eleron96, this is a known limitation of the current front end I’m afraid. It is in part due to the ability to address sub-properties of objects.

I will continue to track this internal dev task and report any updates. It will be certainly addressed in our new UI currently in development.

Thank you very much. I just encountered it for the first time and even, to be honest with you, I didn’t know how to formulate the question. If there is an opportunity to eliminate this problem, it would be wonderful.

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