Inconsistent mesh colors between GH/Rhino And Speckle Viewer. Brightness/Contrast issues

Hey guys!

I ve been experimenting with Speckle as a results viewer and running into some color consistency issues when working with colored meshes.

  • Objective: Consistent mesh coloring between Rhino/GH and Speckle Viewer

  • Issue: There is something about the way the translator brings over mesh colors from Rhino GHopper to speckle shaders that makes the colors really washed out. If i had to guess it looks like its blending the render material ( which should be the default grey) with the mesh color or an error translating RGB values. I think whenever mesh colors are present the render material should be ignored, thats how it functions in rhino anyway.

  • Example: Provided screenshot with a colored mesh sent "as is " from grasshopper (without providing additional speckle render material inputs) vs the same colored mesh with speckle Render materials generated from mesh colors in GH instead of relying on the translator. The latter approach results in consistent colors between Speckle Viewer and Grasshopper / Rhino Geometry while the first one has brightness and contrast problems

Hi @Andrei

Could you please share the stream above for me to double check? I have several ideas on why you are seeing the color discrepancy, but I just want to make sure before I write stuff :slight_smile:


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Hi @Andrei

Thanks for sharing the stream! There was indeed an issue with objects that had not render material defined but had vertex colors. The issue is now fixed on and will be available in the next server release.

This was good catch! Thanks! :wink: