Importing and visualizing room data

I have a CSV-file that includes a column of room names (identical to room names in an existing Speckle stream sent from Revit) and a number of columns with numerical variables that I would like to merge with the Speckle stream to be able to visualize the numerical values as room color. The numerical variabels are for example thermal comfort, energy usage and daylight and does not exist in the Speckle Stream or Revit.

Now to my question, I would like to send the variables to the stream, preferable using a python script or the Blender plugin and I wonder if anybody could help me to achieve this?

I found a solution importing the CSV in Blender and asigning the data as custom properties. Still, bypassing Blender would be useful.

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Do you want to augment the Revit room data and have the values visible in Revit?

Or are you only wanting to get the information tagged so you can use the viewers filtering capabilities to color code?

Preferable I would like to visualize the data in Revit as well if available.

If the parameters already exist but are empty, these values can be populated - as with our Parameter Update feature in Excel.

If you are performing this in Python, it is relatively straightforward to join the two datasets on a known common key, say room name. Amend the value of the given property in place on each Room object and then create a commit with that amended speckle object data.

Which part of this do you need assistance with?

Thanks. The parameters does not exist and I probably need help with all the steps, at least to point me in the right direction.

Hey @MaxT ,

A lot of our users have been really loving the Power BI connector for similar purposes. Have you checked out our latest tutorial? It’s all about how to extend Revit data with Excel and use it to color elements in 3D. I really hope you find it useful - let us know what you think!

That was interesting. I have not used PowerBI and have two question.

  1. Could the data from the linked Excel be exported to Revit?
  2. Is there a way to distribute the Power BI dashboard to other participants in the project without 365 accounts and Bower BI installed? For example a web app?
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Do you mean exporting using Power BI connector? If that’s the question, answer is no. Power BI connector is receive only. But you can always use Excel connector to send & receive data from Speckle.

AFAIK you can publish a report to Power BI web service and others can view it.

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