Import objects in grasshopper instead of branch

Dear community,

I use speckle to receive and send data to the architect, who is modeling in revit. Now I’am searching a way that when the architect is sending a model to speckle in one branch. I do not have to import/load this full branch in grasshopper but first gif him a definition what to load in grasshopper. Sort of querying the model instead of load the complete model and then breakdown to the parts I need.

Is this possible?

Thanks for any reaction

Welcome to Speckle Community @Sierd_Tilma

Your requirement is quite understandable, especially when working with complex models where you only need a portion of the data. Speckle does offer functionality that can help you achieve this selective data import.

  1. Filtering at the Source: One approach is to set up the data structure so that the architect segments the model into different branches or commits based on different criteria (like types of elements, project stages, etc.). This way, you can directly access only the relevant branch or commit in Grasshopper.
  2. Using Speckle’s Querying Capabilities: Speckle has querying capabilities that allow you to filter and retrieve specific data from a stream. This can be done directly in Grasshopper using the Speckle components that provide filtering options based on different parameters (like element type, layer, name, etc.).
  3. Custom Scripting in Grasshopper: If the built-in components don’t offer the exact filtering you need, you can always write a small script within Grasshopper to refine the data coming from Speckle further. This script can only be set up to import elements meeting certain criteria.
  4. Collaboration with the Architect: It might also be beneficial to collaborate with the architect to agree on a data structuring approach that makes it easier for both of you to send and receive the necessary data efficiently.

I recommend exploring these options and seeing which aligns best with your workflow. Please ask further questions if you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance setting this up. We’re here to help!