Implementing Custom Speckle Schema Objects


We are designing some custom speckle schema objects for grasshopper that will be used as templates for capturing metadata of large structures e.g bridges, tunnels. They only need to capture metadata and not any geometrical/model data.

We’ve found the github repo: speckle-sharp

And we’ve defined our objects using the existing schema objects as templates. My question is, how do we safely upload these files into grasshopper?

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Apologies, Imogen, for the delay in response.

What you are describing is the development of a Speckle Kit. Only Grasshopper Connector currently supports the use of these kits. Kits | Speckle Docs. The default Kit is Objects.

If you have created a custom Kit, you should place this as a compiled MyCustomKitName.dll in <MyUser>\AppData\Roaming\Speckle\Kits\MyCustomKitName\

This should then automatically be populated in Speckle for Grasshopper.

Once your Kit is in place, the “Create Schema Object” node will show any constructors flagged with SpeckleSchema attribute


We have an example Kit and Converter example (a little old) in a branch you are welcome to look over: