Images in Speckle

Hello everyone,

I’m new to python and Speckle and I just made a python script that scans every pixel of an image and puts every pixel as an object in speckle. If you have any tips to make it faster or simpler, please let me know!
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Very nice. Great first post to the speckle community. Welcome; we’d love to know what you have in mind.

In place of texture support, this is similar to what our GIS connectors do for raster support =>they are both python if you want to compare notes. Whether it is the most appropriate use of Speckle Mesh, who knows, but without knowing your end goal, your code is self-efficient, though, you get kudos for giving it a go. :100:

Perhaps by coincidence, you have in your stream a satellite image of Dordrecht, which happens to be in the neighbourhood where @Kateryna (:speckle: GIS expert ) will be giving a talk at the QGIS user conference:

Effortless GIS, CAD & BIM data exchange with Speckle

18+19th April in 's-Hertogenbosch