Im having trouble viewing IfcSpace as a element/object in the speckle viewer

Hi Speckle community,

I’m having trouble viewing IfcSpaces in my IFC model that I have uploaded to speckle.

The spaces are there with data, but no visible geometry. Is there a way to get them visible?

The BIM viewers you mention have runtime interpolation of the spaces into visible geometry. However, the IFC parser we use currently doesn’t generate these on ingestion.

We have two options:

  1. Create these spaces at display time in the viewer (good for web and powerBI)
  2. Create these spaces at ingestion, possibly better for uses in non-BIM environments

We can investigate whether this second path is a feature we can enable from IFCjs; otherwise, it will unlikely be enabled soon.

From a web perspective, the viewer is generally designed to display geometry in the dataset. But we can consider it if ingestion creation isn’t possible.

Thank you for fast answere!

Don’t know if this may help but found something about highlighting IfcSpaces for ifc.js:

Would be super usefull to have visible spaces, both in the web viewer also in the PowerBI dashboard integration, its alot of information connected to the spaces that is really usefull to have visible and the possebility to filter on IfcSpaces and IfcZones.

Yeah, that is their solution which is presentational in their viewer.

We use the webifc wasm part of the project - so the exploration will be with that.

If your usecase is having your IFCSpaces in Power BI, can you try opening your IFC file in Navisworks and send to Speckle from there? Let us know how it goes.