IFC positioning

Receiving IFC commit in any app (Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper) leads to bad positioning. The model loses it’s original X,Y,Z.

Example 1
Receive in Rhino from Tekla (position is good):
Receive in Rhino from IFC (obtained from Tekla) (position is bad):

Example 2
Receive in Revit from Tekla (position is good) (don’t look at strange cross-sections – it’s another problem :grin:):

Receive in Revit from IFC (obtained from Tekla) (position is bad):


Thanks for the report!

IFC support in Speckle is still quite experimental :sweat_smile:, and currently, when receiving we just take it’s raw mesh representation.
I guess your Tekla IFC file might have some location parameters or transformations that are getting lost when receiving the geometry only…

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