I need materials to learn speckle powerbi

Hello, I require assistance in establishing a connection between the speckle stream and certain parameters in Revit. Is there a specific methodology or instructional video that I can refer to? Additionally, I would like to know how to create a query and link it with other speckle queries, as well as how to connect model elements with other parameters or values. Is there a workflow that I can follow to keep track of this process?

We’ll be updating/adding more of these durin. The next few weeks, but in the meantime have these not been helpful?:

If not we have more content floating around here that I could gather if I follow the PowerBI tag- Topics tagged powerbi


@jonathon thanks for your reply,
It is helpful , but we need a more detailed example that contain information about workflow to link between 3d model and customized data in powerbi environment

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We hear you; another tutorial covers that in basic terms.

In the forthcoming release, we will have details of how the 3d Viewer can be responsive to filtering to non-Speckle data as well as Speckle Data,

We might have news soon to make that exploration easier if you could share the data sets you want to work with. Specifically, we have been working magic to make Revit data exploration more straightforward with


Hey @Hasan_Z.T ,

I wanted to let you know that we released a bunch of tutorials on Power BI connector. They’re super helpful and easy to follow, so I definitely recommend checking them out. If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know!