I can´t add new streams or insert streams in rhino

Hello everyone!! For some reason I can´t access my account streams or add new streams, but my Revit connector is working fine. I have already downloaded the connector various times but it doesn´t seem to work.
Everytime I try to create a new stream it appears this:

and when I copy a stream link this appears:

Oh that doesn’t seem right.

Can you confirm the version of both the Rhino and Revit connector that you have installed?

Hey @Laura_Fernandez ,

This looks like a connection issue due to a firewall/VPN. In addition to what Jonathon said, could you please send us your logs?
The latest Rhino or Revit one is enough, you can find them in: %appdata%\Speckle\Logs.

Here are also the addresses that need to be accessible by Speckle: FAQs | Speckle Docs

Hi Jonathon, i have installed de 2.12.2 versions on both Rhino and Revit

Hey Matteo, here are the logs:


Thank you for that detail.

It would appear that your connections to some of our server infrastructure are blocked. As @teocomi asked, are you on a corporate network with firewalls or using some other VPN or remote server?

A little confusing is that you say one connector is making a connection, and the other is not.

Does “fine” mean the Revit Connector connects with Speckle or is it loading in Revit but then failing?

If it is the latter, then that is less confusing.

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