How To Get Trigger Sent One Stream To Server?

Hi Speckle Team,
I have problem need help
My problem is I need to know the real time user sent success one stream to the server.

  • How I can trigger this event with any way like SDK, JS, … ?
  • Any function allows connecting with azure function to do that ?
  • If we can deploy on azure to do that, can we do it with serverless ?
    My target is I want check changed end send email for user.
    Any comment appreciate !

We support webhook events based on Stream commits - is this what you mean?

You can set any URL endpoint to a running app or cloud function hosted on the cloud. I’m least familiar with Azure, but I have done so AWS Lambdas and Cloud Functions. What you do with that trigger is then completely up to you.

Or have I misunderstood?


@chuongmep - you can find out more about Speckle’s webhooks in our documentation: Webhooks | Speckle Docs

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Hi Team, very appreciate about what you are supported.
I guess I need more time to make process can integrate with Azure now, I will go back soon :kissing_heart:

Thank you !

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