How to extend the IFC upload time limit?

Hi, All!

We have deployed Speckle on our local server. Could you provide the name of environment variable, which is responsible for the 5 min limitation of the ifc file processing?

The 5 minutes was bumped to 10 in the server repo last month, but if that isn’t sufficient, on your own server implementation it can be found within the upload daemon.

speckle-server / packages / fileimport-service / src / daemon.js

circa line 28

let TIME_LIMIT = 10 * 60 * 1000

replace the 10


Thanks for the answer! We will change today. Will this value be available in environment variables from docker-compose file?

Would that be preferable?

I think yes due to the ability tune everything in one place)

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This should be the FILE_IMPORT_TIME_LIMIT_MIN environment variable.
This environment variable is available in Speckle server version 2.7.1 and later.
I have created a GitHub issue to track the work to explicitly add it to the example docker-compose file:

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