How to Create Relation Between Two Queries

Hi Bilal,

Thanks for the quick response, yes that seemed to solve, I still couldn’t see it listed but when I added a custom column it seemed to provide the data. This was for Objects.Other.Revit.RevitInstance.

One other question, I have followed through the tutorials and have two separate tables showing a list of my furniture revit instances and my revit rooms. In revit instances, I have extracted a column for roomId, and in rooms the elementId seems to corrospond.

Is there a way for me to relate these two, and in the family table create a new column that provides the name of the room it is in based on these ID’s?


This is where it becomes more of a PowerBI/PowerQuery question.

It’s sometimes beneficial to make two separate queries and perform a relational join between them - depending on how you are storing data in Speckle, with either a single query which is then used as a data source to 2 Powerqueries, or two calls to get data from speckle

Yes, as @jonathon mentioned, you can create a relation between two queries. This page might help:

I covered creating relationship between two sources in the following video too. Adding it here in case above doesn’t help:

Thanks both, appreciate the help!

Thanks Bilal for the tutorial, I did follow this in the end and create relationship between a room table and family instance table which both referenced the raw speckle data.

For some reason, I don’t think it worked at this point, but by clearing both table of errors in the elementId and roomId column, I could merge the tables and bring the roomId into the family table which worked perfectly!

This allowed me to show furniture based on room in the 3D window :slight_smile:

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Great to hear that! Yeah, you need to get rid of errors and its a Power BI thing.