How do I export the stream to a pbiviz for power bi?

I’ve managed a stream and it’s working ok but laggish in the viewer. I’d like to bring it into power bi but I don’t understand how to create the .pbiviz file to import in power bi!?

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Hi @maknu/mats - on a separate note - we’d be very interested to test your laggish stream in the viewer. There could be multiple reasons for this - all of which we’d like to get to the bottom of. If you want to share it with us, just DM me (or send me an invite!).

The causes can be quite varied:

  • inefficient meshing exports from archicad
  • something in the viewer itself
  • something in the viewer postprocessing logic
  • there’s just too many polygons :slight_smile:

Sorry to hijack the topic! @AlanRynne or @gokermu will get back to you tomorrow on how to embed it in powerbi - I’m afraid I have no idea how. In the meantime maybe this tutorial can help: 3D Viewer Visual for Power BI (alpha)

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To view the data you sent to Speckle in Power BI, you need 2 things.

  • First is Speckle Connector: This connector provides data exchange with the Speckle server. You can use the plugin after you download the .mez file in the Github repo and copy it to the relevant folder.
  • The second is the 3D Visual (.pbiviz file): This allows you to view the received data through the 3D Viewer in PowerBI. As Dimitrie shared, we have a tutorial for this👇.

Detailed steps for both are in this guide:point_left:.

I had not tested our connector with data from Archicad before. After a short test, I can confirm it works as expected. Take a look at the GIF below👇:



Thanks a lot! I’ll try this after work. Mainly I want to test which parameters I can stream. I’m specially interested in Building Materials and their physical properties.

I just tried the slugghish stream and now it’s smooth… Don’t know why… yesterday when I created it it was jerky…nagivating in slow increments. I’ll do more tests with larger models as soon as I’ve figured out the import to Power BI. I realized I can use IFC as well and that’s also an intersting interesting option since we can decide which properties to go with the IFC compared to the native pln which contaton 95% info that is not of any use.


OK. Finally got it that I just create the folder for the .mex. However the mez is not allowed to run because of security settings …will ask our IT dept where to set lower settings (wish me luck).

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