How can I tell the dockable window in Revit not to open automatically every time I start Revit?

Is it possible (and if not, can you add an option so it is possible) to tell the Speckle dockable window in Revit not to open every time I open Revit? I don’t use Speckle on every project and having this window open every time I open Revit is a minor annoyance and an extra click every time.

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@Eric_Stimmel I believe the panel should only open if:

  • it was open in the previous session
  • you click to launch the connector itself
  • if the file contains any saved Speckle streams/projects (I need to double check this one)

If it’s opening every single time you launch Revit, then we should definitely fix that.

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@teocomi - Thanks for the explanation. I did some additional testing by opening Revit 2021-2024 and starting a new file from the <none> Revit template option and the Speckle window does in fact behave as you described. I’ll pay closer attention to the circumstances around when I see that window open from now on and try to provide some meaningful insights if it’s deviating from this behavior.