Hide elements in view

Is it possible to hide selected elements in view in the Speckle viewer? I only see the ‘isolate’ option.

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Hey @artur_tomczak!

Hiding is currently done via filtering, selection will always highlight, though it’s an interesting suggestion.

Could you give us a bit more context about your use-case for this?

Sure, so for example I would like to hide one of the walls to see behind it, but currently, I have to find that wall in the data tree and click the eye icon (toggle visibility). It would be nice to be able to hide elements after right-clicking on them, similarly to how it works in popular IFC viewers. Maybe such a feature already exists, but I just don’t see it?


It will be useful if we have function in mouse right click hide and hide unselected


I would like to have the ‘Hide’ function easly accessible, doing it via filtering is not so handly (in my opinion) :bulb:


Thank you all for your feedback!

Right click menu options were already on our roadmap, so we’ll see how to integrate this into it.

We’ll also eventually add most of the features the viewer in our server has (view selection, crop box…)

I’ll open an issue on GitHub to keep track of this!