Has anyone tried importing 3D scene from Blender to QGIS with Speckle?

Has anyone tried to import 3D scene from Blender to QGIS with Speckle while maintaining georeferencing?

I am trying to build a urban 3D scene from importing Google 3D Tiles that I am planning to send to QGIS so as to print 3D maps. I would like to maintain georeferencing through the whole process. Is this something that can be done? So far I was unsuccessful as I am relatively new with Blender, QGIS and Speckle.
Thanks a lot for your assistance.

Hi @adrienpiro, thanks for reaching out!
If you explain a little bit more details on how do you import the tiles and how do you set up the georeference settings (maybe even with the screenshots), we might be able to help! This post describes how to synchronize the data imported through BlenderGIS plugin with QGIS using Speckle.

Nevertheless, Blender natively works with local cartesian coordinate system (not attached to a geo-location), and every object imported (even having proper georeferencing) will be converted to a selected coordinate system during import. But Speckle doesn’t know which settings you have chosen for importing the model, this is why the proper georeferencing functionality doesn’t work yet between QGIS and Blender connectors. You would need to check what coordinate system settings you are choosing for your import in Blender, and set up the same settings in QGIS before receiving the data from Blender.

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