Hard to load Speckle connector and can not view large file on web

Hi Speckle community.
I just updated Speckle 2.18 for 10 days and have been testing things out. Whenever I upload a large file, it takes quite a long time to render the model on the web, then it stop in the middle of the rendering and yeild only a small dot. I am not sure how you guys defines “large”, but as for me, I was uploading a ~49MB .dwg file when it happens.
This problem happens in previous version with Speckle connector for Revit in our client 's server as well, but then it disappeared. Our client had to make some modification to boost the performance of their server, and then it happens again with version 2.18.
I also notice that even though the release note stated that Speckle support multiple version of BIM software, but the addin/ pluggin for Speckle connector does not appear on ribbon for AutoCAD 2022 after being installer from Speckler Manager.
I would like to get some insight into the matter and see what I can do to improve the situation. Any help is much appreciated.

Hey @long_tran !

Welcome to our forum! Some comments based on your feedback:

  • have you expoereinced these performance issues also on our general availability server at https://app.speckle.systems/ ? We occasionally see lower performance when people self-host due to misconfiguration in their setup
  • we would be happy to investigate and find the bottleneck, it could be that some specific types of geometry are not yet properly supported. Our viewer can load Revit files that are few GB, so 49MB should not be a problem at all. Are you happy to share this file with us?
  • AutoCAD 2022 should be indeed supported, what language are you using it in?
  1. Yes, I do experience the similar issue with Speckle general server. It is true that our client has to do some modification to boost the performance for Revit file when we are in the staging phase. They do not share the server detail, but I do use the Speckle sharp github repo in C# for Revit addin.
  2. The file I was referring to is a .dwg file for AutoCAD and Civil 3d. It is a test file that was sent to me, and it has external file attached to it. On a second thought, there was a time I experienced the same issue with a 600MB Revit file which has nested grouping (groups inside groups).
  3. As for AutoCAD 2022, I just install Speckle connector via Manager app and try to upload the file to our client server for testing, since we haven’t develop a pluggin for AutoCAD yet.

Please download the file from this link
download link

Thanks for the sample files, we will have a look!
Can you please give us more information how what you’re trying to do with Speckle? This will help us support you!

We are trying to build a cloud base server for collaboration and cloud based quality checking by utilizing Speckle data format. However, we are still at the very early stage of our project.

@long_tran, we have taken a look, and while we had no conversion and send delays - it was pretty swift - the viewer situation is primarily around the 1000s of text objects.

Improved text support is on our longer-term agenda because we have other priorities now—see other discussions around 2D and drawing support.

Incidentally, some improvement was possible by exploding many of the text blocks pre-send, which i appreciate loses some of the Attributes of tags and other elements of the model; I have sent this from AutoCAD.:


Thank you for looking into the matter.
I was able to view the model on web viewer this morning. When I test it again, some models can be uploaded, some can not.
This is how the model looks like in my local AutoCAD 2023 and how it look on our client server when it can not be displayed properly. You can see in the video that after I refresh the browser, the viewer renders halfway then return a small dot. Sorry that I have to crop the url and other controls.
I am not sure if there is any processing happening behind the scene in the server after the models are uploaded from local BIM software. Our client 's server is located in Japan while I am from Vietnam, it should not be “that” far to affect the rendering. Maybe you can shed some light into the matter?

Without access to the exact project on their server, I can’t confirm anything except to repeat that with the files you shared with me; breaking blocks and reducing the amount of text being shared was the key to not having that UI in the viewer problem.

Hi @long_tran

Like Jonathon said, without a means to replicate the issue you are showing, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact issue, but if I were to guess it’s the large amount of texts (5000+) that might be causing that behavior. I would suggest you give it a try and upload a version with no texts and dimensions and see what you get


Sorry for the late reply.
Accessing our client 's server is impossible, so I understand that it is quite difficult for you to provide any deeper support. I find that it is quite strange due to the uploading process is fast, and the server have notify our addin that it has received all data. However, the process of displaying model in the web viewer is slow and quite random, sometimes it is slow, sometimes it is not.
Our client does implement the BIM server (Speckle version) and their Logic server (for calculating, quality assurance operation etc…) on 2 different servers. Thus, I think it could be the configuration or connection between them that causes the issue.
Anyway, it is ok for now. If anything happens, we will reach out to you with more detail information. Thank you for the effort.

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