Handling Authentication through streamlit webapp

I authenticated with a token. I´m calling specklePy to get the last commit of my branch stream. Si I´m takling to the back end.

since this is a work in progress I want to always have the last commit displaying.



That makes sense.

Bonus tip: It is possible to only use the streamId/branch name in the embedded viewer. That way, it will do the getLatest step for you. Just omit commit=

I saw you were also parsing the streams list for the one that matched by name - so that would need the auth.

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As far as i see, @tomasmena is only interested in embedding a specific branch of a specific stream. So there is no need for finding a branch/commit by its name. He can embed the branch and that’ll always embed the latest commit made to that branch.


Currently I´m only displaying one branch, but the idea is to have the ability to load other branches when the App grow to other pages.

@gokermu did you access my account with my token?.. I´m still learning web development, so security was off my radar… !


ok, that makes sense.

no, once you make your stream public, that stream can be accessed by anyone.