GRASSHOPPER tutotrial sample

Hie everyone,
Sorry for my english i come from french…

I can’t do the Grasshopper sample, I have the error:

  1. Une ou plusieurs erreurs se sont produites.
    You don’t have any accounts for

But I have an acount, I’m use:

  • Rhino 7,
  • Manager for speckle v2.12.2
  • connector Grasshopper 2.17.1
  • connector Rhino 2.17.1

Have you got an idea of what happen ?

How many accounts do you have in the manager? If more than one, is the XYZ account default?

Can you see streams in the Rhino connector for your account in the manager?

I think I made a bullshit,
I have seen 2 accounts thath’s right
But I have remove one of them :sweat_smile:

And now I don’t know how to do

Is there a way to retrieve it ?

If I understand,
I need to add the account that I have remove …
Is there a way to know what server I must put ?

Looking at the screenshot, you’ll need to either:


  • Modify the URL to - this is a little more complicated as you’ll need to adopt the new terminology

i.e. streams => projects

Don’t worry, your account is intact on the server - it just isn’t registered in Manager.

I have retrieved my account xyz.
But I have an error again:

  1. S: T0 transport failed
    Le code d’état de réponse n’indique pas la réussite : 400 (Bad Request).

Many thanks for you help

Do you see your account’s streams in Rhino

YES, If I have understand the question .

I have create two stream for test :

My first stream for rhino which is alright

My first stream for grasshopper this one doesn’t alright for grasshpper burt good with rhino

Is the good answer to your question ?

I think i have just understand what you mean

When I 'm in Rhino, in the Speckle plugin,
I select the grasshopper stream, I can click on the 3 point and view it on line or paste the link to clipboard.

Not quite - but it’s ok.

I asked about Rhino just because you have it open and speckle installed.

If you could not see the streams list there, there would be a network problem. It sounds like you see your account’s data fine.

Returning to the grasshopper script. Please share screenshots of what you actually see going wrong with the ServerTransport

YES, I can’t launch grasshopper without rhino. so When rhino is on , graashopper to.
But for the rhino connector all seem’s to be fine.
In rhino i see all my stream. thath’s good

Yes I can the stream, so It’s seems to be good

and the message error is :

  1. S: T0 transport failed
    Le code d’état de réponse n’indique pas la réussite : 400 (Bad Request).

I don’t know how to have more information about the server transport

Can you add me as a collaborator to the stream you are pointing to (in the web app): jonathon @ speckle.sytems

YES of course that’s done

I think the problem is the install in my grasshopper, because when i ask for the list plug in i have this answer :

That’s not a problem, that is only a warning to say if you don’t have speckle you wont run the graph - i know i have functioning speckle and i see the same warning

I have successfully received from the new stream id in the last screenshot, I cannot test sending as you have only made the stream shared not added me as a collaborator

Many thanks,
It’s work fine…

Hi @Marc_HERMOUET and @jonathon ,

I have the same issue. It works with smaller data, but I have the same issue, if I try to send a bigger amount of data. Can you please tell, what was the solution, because I can’t really see it from the posts.

Hi @reka,

Can you please specify the error that you are receiving? Marc mentioned a few different errors in this post. Also, what Rhino Version are you using and what Connector version?

Thank you