Grasshopper plugins for Mac?

Hello, can I install Speckle GH plugins on Mac?


Hi @eugene and welcome to the forum!

We don’t have a release for Mac, I’ve actually just tried with our windows release, and while some components loaded fine, the key ones (send & receive) unfortunately didn’t.

With our 2.0 release we’ll definitely give GH for Mac more attention, we’ve also been discussing supporting Rhino!

Thanks @teocomi this is great news! Is 2.0 planned to be released soon (this year?) or a bit of a longer roadmap?

We’re working to get an alpha of the connectors out this month, and ideally a release candidate of v2 by the end of the year, but can’t promise anything :wink::speak_no_evil::crossed_fingers:

Will post updates here on the forum, so stay tuned!

Right on! Looking forward to trying it.

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