Grasshopper plugin - accounts component bug

I’ve got an issue with the Grasshopper component for accounts, where I’m unable to right-click to select account (the orange ballon-tip asks me to do so).

And for some reason, I’m also not able to delete the Accounts component after I drag it onto the canvas.

And I also have two 'Speckle’s in the toolbar…

Hm… I’ll try to reproduce now; any chance you can let us know quickly the version of mr spockle?

I’m running spettet version 1.8.9

:thinking: with spettet 1.8.9, I can’t reproduce the account right click part:

and I can delete it.

Which means more difficult debugging:

  • make sure there’s no residual speckle core’s lying around (esp. if you debugged speckle previously)
  • check %localappdata%/SpeckleKits/ for some of the above

So reinstalled spockler from scratcho. Also deleted the accounts stuff so it couldnt remember my signin settings.

At first, without setting any servers or any accounts yet, the accounts component let me now right click on it but I still cannot delete it.

After signing in with to a few of them Arup servers it seems to work correctly. My initial accounts component is still on my canvas as I can’t delete it. If you find that bug can you let me know what causes it, I’d love to add a non-deletable component to my next GH project :slight_smile:

TBH, I have no idea how we managed to make a non-deletable gh component!!! Can you send that definition over? Really curious to debug this.

Otherwise, good news re accounts, albeit it sounds painful…


I have the exact same issue… Re-installing didn’t work although I haven’t deleted all my account info yet, so I’ll try that next.
FYI, right clicking the output of the accounts-component does work, it’s just the actual component that doesn’t work.