Grasshopper integration

Non-developer here seeing if Speckle may be an appropriate tool. There seem to be numerous ways for GH to query other data sources for data. But what about using GH as an automated design engine, kind of the reverse? In other words, is there a way to automatically send data to GH and it automatically generates an output, no human input involved?

An example workflow: Customer customizes an object for an order (e.g., his/her name is embossed in 3D), order is sent to Rhino/GH, GH automatically generates parametric design with customer’s name, GH generates G-Code, G-code data is sent to 3D printer, customized part is 3D printed (and shipped to customer). The desire is to eliminate human processing from the customer order all the way to 3D printing.

Can Speckle help accomplish this type of workflow automation w/GH?

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If you are a non-developer but familiar with Rhino + GH then you could combine Speckle and Rhino.Compute to achieve this.

The data can be published to Speckle from a web portal application, this can fire a webhook event to trigger a Rhino.Compute instance and from there orchestrate as you need including viewing the result on Speckle web application.

I would suggest Speckle Automate, but we do not yet have the machine images to host a Rhino.Compute instance.


Yes, familiar with Rhino & GH. I thought it would be possible and now you have pointed me towards a possible solution. Thank-you! I’ll do some self-study on Rhino.Compute and Speckle.