Grasshopper in Rhino 8 - Support for new nodes

I seems that the grasshopper connector doesn’t work with the new type of Rhino model object elements like the content cache. I can only get the send to work with traditional model elements. (Using the speckle for Rhino Send from the sidebar does send any user attribute text) I get an error whenever I connect the send element to the content cache or to the new Rhino Model Object parameter.

I suppose a work around would be to use the Extend Speckle Object to write data to a speckle object and to the Rhino Geometry. You would need to make sure your script captures any existing data and merges that with the new data. If you don’t add that functionality you would lose data that was added outside of your grasshopper script. The content cache has this functionality built in with the Endure Update etc
options. Its by far more desirable to have the content cache update the Rhino model and then also send data / geometry to Speckle.

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Thanks, @bfortunato. Others have indeed reported this, notably @Jonathan_Rabagliati.

The release that you are using now for Rhino8 was a base port from Rhino7 to Rhino8 with the new .NET runtime (and resolving install locations, as it turns out)

We have already logged a development ticket supporting new GH object models. Watch this space.

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Great stuff!

Really looking forward to being able to send, receive and view geometry with attributes in an intuitive manner between Rhino, Grasshopper and the Speckle Viewer. Right now it is very complicated to wrap your head around the way it works right imho, which impedes adoption of Speckle within my Computational Design team, let alone among engineers. And this is such a shame, because Speckle is mega amazing :star_struck:

As @jonathon kindly suggested in Speckle in GH / Custom Properties - #20 by jonathon, I was / am planning to make a feature idea post, which I started to write up here: Making working with Speckle Objects in Grasshopper (more) intuitive
I didn’t post it yet though, because I have the idea that my explanation is still a bit convoluted and haven’t had time to improve it. I did have a call with @gokermu about this topic though, thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

In case you think that my Making working with Speckle Objects in Grasshopper (more) intuitive write-up is understandable enough already, I could post it.

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