[Grasshopper Exports] Use serialization for exporting geometry with data

Hi y’all!

Just wanted to explain a bit of a side use I’ve found for speckle components.

We are using some form finding algorithms to develop/optimize the geometries for some projects and we are working on displaying all those options in parallel with some filterings, sortings, things like that. Everything running inside grasshopper.

Since I wanted to save the data with the geometry in a folder and import it in a different script, I create a speckle objects with a consistent data structure that I then serialize into Json file that I re import in a different script.

This has been ground breaking for us because now we can create a gigantic amount of data without overcooking the computers! (This whole process is offline)

Hope this might be useful for someone struggling with moving data from one script to another


Very cool.

Is the objective to share raw data with scripts on other machines?

We are considering one specific workflow with blender to animate a transition for the geometries, but the idea is you could just open a script that displays all the geometries from any machine

Understood. It is an effective DiskTransport.


Hey all,

Have you heard about dotbim? This is exactly what it does as well. This is a great achievement and happy to see speckle is capable of doing so. But wouldn’t it be incredible if you could also edit those custom attributes directly in speckle? You could maintain digital twins that way and open a whole new set of possibilities for speckle and the AEC community.

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Thanks for bringing this up! We’ve started having conversations about this since our last retreat. The trouble with editing custom attributes is that if you edit the wrong one you’re at risk of creating “fake data” - ie, editing the wall length won’t work.

The good news is that we could safely edit other parameters that do not drive geometry/calculations, for example fire rating. We’re going to try and come up with a way to enable this in a wholesome product way!


That’s great to hear! I’ve started working on my own on creating such a utility since most owners or asset managers don’t need all those parameters that are issued through BIM, they actually just need simple information to be stored with the model such as URLs. dates, strings and so forth. So it would be really cool if owners can add their custom data to meshes through speckle and than designers can create BIM models with any software and just upload it to speckle servers to author a BIM model.

Yeah, but instead of using a Disk Transport I have my own python script that allows me to save things in a specific way to connect easier with other scripts


Looks great! I’m just really happy that Speckle gives us more tools on the same kit to do more with less hahahaha. I’m always trying to use as little as external plugins as possible

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