Grasshopper -> ETABS Problems

Hello Speckle Fans,

I try using the speckle connector to send Rhino/Grasshopper Data into ETABS. I want to define the “Stiffness Modification Factors” of a slab via grasshopper.

I using the CSIElement2D component, there is a input called “modifiers”. If I put a simple list with numbers into it, the components get red (doesn’t matter how much numbers I put into it). If I convert the numbers with a “Create Speckle Objects” into a list object, it still doesn’t work. I didn’t found a documentation of the different nodes and I am out of ideas. Can someone help me with this problem? (49.4 KB)

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@Pavol: can you guys take a look at this for the next release cycle?

I did some more testing and got some more problems and questions. Here you can find the topic:

[Grasshopper → ETABS Problemes - Help - Speckle Community]

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Hello SpeckleCommunity,

I try sending structural elements from Rhino/Grasshopper to ETABS. We are using ETABS mainly to calculate forces, stresses, and deformation of the core for high-rise buildings. Therefore, we usually have a large model with a lot of slabs, walls, beams etc. To change some parameters parametrically we also use grasshopper. My current version in the speckle-manager and its components is 2.17.0
When I am using the CSI-Speckle-components in grasshopper there are some problems. Maybe I did something wrong in the grasshopper script? I didn’t find a good documentation or example files. Has anybody found a solution to my problems or can send me a working example?

The problems are:

  • Apparently the “modifiers” Input for CSIElement2D or CSIElement1D dont work. The component changes to red, no matter if I put numbers in a normal list, convert the list into a Speckle-list with the “CSO”-component or filter it though a “number”-component.
  • I can’t get speckle to crate walls. There is no “wall”-component in the CSI-specific components. The normal component from the “Speckle 2 Structural” doesn’t work.
  • Face-Loads are not working. There is no “CSI-load-component” and the normal load-component from “Speckle 2 Structural” doesn’t work. The Load Patterns are not defined, and the loads are not applied.
  • Material properties defined in Grasshopper using the “Concrete” Component in the “Speckle 2 Structural” are not defined correctly in ETABS. Only the name does appear, any other values are not changed in ETABS.
  • CSI-Diaphragms get defined in ETABS but don’t get applied to the slab.
  • End-releases are not defined in ETABS.
  • Apparently there is no way to define “Story Data” or a “Grid-System”. There is no component in the CSI-Tab and the component “Storey” in the “Speckle 2 Structural” does nothing.

Things that are working correctly but can be improved:

  • the metric units for a slab and a frame are inconsistent. For a slab [mm] are used, for a beam or a column [m] are used.

Here I define the walls:

Here you can find the gh-file: (45.1 KB)


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Thanks @Jazi, I am already looking into the modifiers report you already made - thanks for confirming it is more comprehensive than just the CSIElement2D

This is a helpful structured list from which we can create backlog issues.

We can report progress here as we get to them.

Thanks @jonathon for the fast reply. I’m looking forward to use more Speckle :+1: