[Grasshopper Connector] Branch count limit

Hi! When I’m reading the branches from a stream with the stream detail component, it appears to display until 10 branches and the rest don’t show up. Is there any way to fetch more or all natively?

This happens with both 2.9.3 and 2.10-rc5


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This is true. The default limit in the Core API is 10 for many of the queries. There isn’t a parameter on the StreamDetails component to override this.

I’ll raise this as a potential feature request. In the meantime, a C# or Py script component may be the order of the day.

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Glad to hear! I’ll just make a workaround! Thanks Jonathon!


Welcome to the :speckle: Speckle Community, Cristobal!


In case anyone else catches the same problem I created a really quick and dirty solution:

using Speckle.Core.Api;
using Speckle.Core.Credentials;

  private void RunScript(string id, ref object StreamBranches)

    Account account = new Account();
    account.token = "USER-API-KEY";
    account.serverInfo = new ServerInfo{
        url = "https://speckle.xyz"};
    Client client = new Client(account);
    var currStream = client.StreamGet("STREAM-ID", MaxBranchCount).Result;
    StreamBranches = (currStream.branches.items);


I’ll try to update it when I have something more polished!


I guess we can add an optional input for branchCount.