GraphQL API without Geometry

Hi there, is it currently possible with the GraphQL API to get information from a stream without the geometry data? If so this would be very useful for doing frontend tools looking at parameter data so we don’t have to have the user download masses of data which then isn’t used.

This is a legitimate use case, but the answer is not right now.

You could run a non-client process that only sends stripped data to the front end. However, there is no way to continue with the GraphQL-like login into the object data.

Object data is a filterable, as-in list of objects limited by a parameter, but not as-in give everything except geometry.

This is partly because there are several ways to say what geometry is (it’s all serialised data in the Speckle Server) and partly because we haven’t implemented that ability.

Even if there were, the process would be the same as getting all the data, sanitising it, and sending it: polymorphism, schemaless, etc.