Google Summer of Code organisation applications open

Hey all! One of the famous events in the FOSS world is Google Summer of Code, an annual programme where students and new contributors can join and be paid a stipend by Google to help contribute and work on a project by an organisation.

Applications are now open for organisations to apply. Here’s a list of last year’s GSoC organisations. You’ll see names of other free software used in AEC like BRL-CAD et all, IfcOpenShell / BlenderBIM Add-on, FreeCAD, Blender, GIMP, OpenStreetMap, OSGeo, and CGAL.

It would be super cool if Speckle could be on the list this year! Or otherwise if anybody here wants to get their feet wet with contributing to free software, be sure to keep an eye out for GSoC 2024!

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Good call @Moult , we have discussed this internally and are keen. We need to ensure we have the bandwidth to support the “students” properly. If you have any insight on the commitment required I’d welcome a conversation around this.

When I proposed GSoC when as a BIM data consultancy, we were rejected on the basis that I didn’t demonstrate I had adequate resourcing for that duty of care.

Bandwidth depends on the student. I’d say if you should spend several hours a week for a good student as a minimum. Some students need more handholding, but then again, now GSoC is open to more than just students so some might need less handholding.

One other thing to consider is whether or not you have a good list of ideas that students can tackle. If you do, that’s a great sign. If not, maybe GSoC isn’t suitable.

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