Google Looker connector

a connector to google looker would be great

Hey @Mark_Thorpe ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

We haven’t had many requests around Looker. How are you using it and what would you be using the Looker Connector for?

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Hey Mark good to see you around the parts, if you see NickH, pass on a hello from me!

As, I suppose, im the Speckle resident Looker Studio community extension builder we have two coonectivity options, much like PowerBi.

  1. Data Connectivity, this is possible to build now essentially leveraging Google Apps Script. As @gokermu says you are in an exclusive group of the very few who have asked for this.

  2. 3D viewer. Having built a 3D model viewer (not Speckle) for Data Stuio as was, I know that whatever security sandbox PowerBI has. Looker’s is way tighter and no streaming of data into a visual is possible, it must come from the data. This is something we are considering as a development for the PowerBI viewer for offline usage, isn’t currently possible. The same goes for Tableau to an extent.

If we make progress on the last front the options are brighter, but for now, knowing how/why you are seeking an integration could help.

Incidentally, anytime Glider want to talk about a Gilder<>Speckle connection, let me know.