Go From Revit to IFC

I’d like to stream data from Revit to my webapp built with IFC.js, is there a way to make that happen?
I think I can’t currently go from Speckle Format to IFC, so this seems like something that’s not achievable as of now?

Thanks for any help!

You are correct; this is not currently supported. Never say never; export to IFC but not on our immediate agenda.

We currently use IFCjs(web-ifc) as an import parser, which ports that data into Speckle just as data comes from Revit into Speckle.

If this app is entirely in your control, why force data out to IFC just to get it into a web app other than you already have IFCjs as a dependency?

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Hi @jonathon,
thanks for your reply. I don’t quite get the second part - our users are supposed to interact with our own app instead of Revit directly. I guess I could build a geometric engine from scratch, but why do that if I can use something existing? I suppose another way to do this is using the Speckle Viewer as a basic gemeotric rendering engine. Or maybe I’m misreading what you mean here entirely :smiley:

Ahh - OK, I thought you were asking users to export IFC from Revit just to get it into Speckle via IFC upload.

The alternative I suggested would be to host a speckle server (or use speckle.xyz) and have users send to that and skip the IFC step altogether. This is the approach taken by Gaiup — Gaiup & Speckle: Enabling Lifetime Carbon Analysis among others.

Our IFC importer will result in Speckle Data, and our Revit (rhino, ArchiCAD, Sketchup etc) Connectors all result in Speckle Data. Speckle doesn’t open RVT files directly and relies on receiving data from the running application. You might look at an option using the ODA libraries if this is what you want to happen (but this comes at a significant cost)

The Speckle Viewer can then display all of these equally side-by-side and combined with the ObjectLoader package, allowing Revit and IFC to sit side-by-side.

To return to your original question, Speckle doesn’t yet export IFC geometry or expose geometry, I assume, in a way that IFCjs application would need it structured.

Got it, thanks! I suspected that using the Speckle Viewer might be a good alternative here. IFC.js has the advantage of having quite fast loading times and also the ability to generate floor plans, but I guess you can’t have everything :slight_smile: