GIS Connector (QGIS)

Hello- It would be great to have a connector that brought data to and from QGIS. QGIS is the leading open source desktop GIS (geographic information system) program. It is great for managing 2d and 3d geolocated vector, raster, and lidar data. It has a robust and well documented python API and plugin ecosystem. At my company we currently go back and forth between AutoCAD using DXF/DWG import and export from QGIS or shape-file or geotif import and export from AutoCAD. We also go back and forth between Blender using the BlenderGIS plugin. A speckle plugin/connector would make this so much better for all the reasons that Speckle is great and allow AEC professionals to have the great wealth of publicly available site and location data at their fingertips.
For the possibilities that this offers take a look at ArcGIS (Esri) and AutoDesk work on connecting their platforms for BIM purposes.
I am interested in hearing from others who are also keen to see this connection to see if we can find funding or coders to make it happen.


Hi @Baswein! Thanks for the suggestion - it’s a good one, and the usecases you describe make total sense.

I like QGIS - I’ve seen in action around me quite a bit at the space syntax lab at UCL (it’s where i was based some many years ago now). I think it’s a natural integration to have, especially given the python api. None of us - as far as I know - have any actual experience with the software, but we’ll put it on the bucket list; and let’s see if someone shows up! It would also allow bringing into Speckle GIS data - which, needless to say, we’re keen to do :slight_smile:


Hey @Baswein!

Just dropping in to let you know we started development a QGIS connector. You can find the announcement here → QGIS Connector WIP

Anyway, we’d love to hear your ideas about QGIS and Speckle, as we’re not the most advanced QGIS users out there :sweat_smile: