GH Get Stream by ID ignores the passed account server defaults to Default Account server

Passing an Account and a Stream ID to an sGet should return the stream of that id at the appropriate host server.

Instead, in the screenshot above it appears to default to which was the default account I set in Manager. Changing the default account in Manager corrects the error (after a bit of jiggling to force a recalculation)

When passing a Url it correctly resolves to the correct server and account regardless of the Manager settings.

I’m assuming this ends up in @AlanRynne’s intray


It’s definitely going to end up in my todo list haha thanks for reporting it! If you want the GitHub cred go ahead an open an issue on our repo, bc this definitely sounds like unwanted behaviour.

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It seems that 2.6.5 already has this fixed - so no Github klout available.