GH Deconstruct Nodes Behave inconsistently

The Deconstruct Speckle Object (DSO) appears to behave as expected, with nested objects and properties able to be tracked and extracted intact.

The current iteration of Speckle Object Value By Key (SOVK) deconstructs values a step too far for the equivalent conversion (Strings are expanded to become a List of characters)

Might this change be in the [fixes in 2.6.3] @AlanRynne (Grasshopper: Deconstruct Speckle Object failing to collect data - #6 by AlanRynne)??

Screenshotted GH graph attached for reproduction (22.3 KB)

Platform: MacOS 12.4
Application: Rhino: 7.19
Plugin: GH 2.6.3

I have the same issue but thought I already annoyed Alan enough last week. Glad you reported Jonathon :joy:


Looking into this! Thanks @jsdbroughton

@vwb, you are welcome to “annoy” us anytime :raised_hands:t3: