GH Cluster Issue - Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hey team,

I’ve been coming across an issue a bit to do with expanding Speckle objects inside of clusters. It doesn’t often/always happen so it’s a bit hard to recreate the issue but it happens enough to be annoying! It can usually be fixed by recomputing the cluster.


The issue can be seen above. It occurs when trying to expand the object. You can see that it has tried to make a object.geometry.vector and from there down it errors? This is very unusual as when it is functioning correctly they are just regular vectors.

Any advice as to what is causing this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @wilham_MM!

I’ll have a look this afternoon, I must confess I’m not a fan of clusters at all, so I’m also not very familiar with the peculiarities of how they execute code.

I’ll see if I can manage to reproduce it, as you’re already indicating it’s a sneaky one… :bug:

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll get back to you once we’ve figured this out… or if we need some more info from you :wink:

Thanks for looking in to this @AlanRynne !!

Here’s another example of the bug…

I found a node that was getting a similar error (Getting part of the way through converting the list to Speckle Objects and then erroring), copied it and now the copied one is working, even with the exact same inputs. I also try enable/disable plugging/unplugging the broken one but it stays red. This is so confusing…

And a follow-up to this… I’ve realised you can fix the broken node by setting it to “Do not convert” and then return to the default Objects converter. So perhaps the issue is happening here?

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Wow @wilham_MM this is super helpful! That second error message also indicated where things could be breaking so I’ll see if I can get some clarity on this ASAP :slight_smile:

Hi @AlanRynne, were you able to make any progress on resolving this issue?

I’ve come back to the work I was initially doing and our script is stilling getting these errors seemingly randomly throughout.

Only difference is the warning bubble now knows something is “Terrible wrong” haha!


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Hi wilham!

Sorry, this must have fallen through the cracks of my Todo list!

I’ve managed to reproduce this error and already have a fix on the way. I’m doing the final tests now and it seems to do the trick! Should make it for the next release :wink:


Great to hear, thanks @AlanRynne !!

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