Getting Revit Element Workset parameter Name

Hello all!

I’m having trouble getting the workset name in PowerBI:

  • Objective: I want to get the name of the workset on which the element is assigned.
  • Issue: I’m able to get the workset ID but cannot find any data to reference this ID in the PowerBI query.


Hey @efdiloreto ,

Can you share the Speckle Model URL you used so I can take a look at it on my end?

Sure! here it is:

Hey @efdiloreto,

I used the 2.18 PowerBI connector and it worked fine on my side. Make sure you type the worksetId correctly. Give it another try and let us know :slight_smile:


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@Nikos Thanks for your response.

I’m able to get the worksetId too, my problem is I’m unable to get the workset name because the Revit Workset table is not send (AFAIK) from the connector.

What I’m trying to doin PowerBI is identifying which elements are in the incorrect workset.

I’m not sure the name is currently being transmitted by Speckle.

As a workaround, you could create a spreadsheet where you have WorksetIds and Names and add it as another source in PowerBI, this way you should be able to expand full names for each element…

@teocomi This is a good idea too. But since I have several files, I was thinking of setting a parameter on the elements with the actual workset name using a script, and then reading from there in PowerBI.

Do you think we can have access to the workset table in future releases?

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Hey @efdiloreto !
I just want to add:

I worked on a PowerBI template and wanted to use the worksetID. The problem you might face is that the ID changes depending on the project. Even if you have the same NAME, it is possible to have two different IDs.

For example.

Project 1:
WorksetID = 401
WorksetName = Steel

Project 2:
WorksetID = 405
WorksetName = Steel

Therefore, working with worksets on PowerBI is possible, but I do not recommend it if you use the same dashboard on multiple projects.

There might be a way to have a universal worksetID, but I haven’t found one.

Hey @Gab . Understood. But the information is supposedly per model right?

Hi @efdiloreto,

Yes, the information is per model. Each project can have its own set of WorksetIDs.

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I think we could easily include the Workset name too, let us know how urgent this is and we’ll look into it!

It’s not urgent at all!

Wow! Cannot believe how good predisposed are you people. Glad to be part of this community :raised_hands:


We’ve recently worked on other parameters where numerical IDs were passed instead of display text; either that could be extended to a workset, or maybe there is already work in that direction. I’ll check and add this request to the existing one if it’s not yet closed.

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That would be amazing! Thanks for considering it

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The changes we made here: CNX 9442 Incorrect Export of 'Room Type' Parameter from Revit to Speckle by connorivy · Pull Request #3422 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

This was already merged - the original request was for rooms - @connor realised a single change could cover other data types here, but we can look at the same logic to apply to - I think I see Category and Workset would be too.

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@gokermu if there’s more we can do here, let’s have a ticket in the backlog for consideration

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