Getting data from Revit glazed surfaces

I have exported a number of rectangular windows from Revit and would need midpoint, with, height and normal direction for all the objects and wonder if someone could help me out? I managed to get data from Rhino/grasshopper but would like to skip this step.


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Hey Max!

The Revit connector is currently just taking all the instance and type parameters and adding them to each element when sending to Speckle, therefore you should quite easily be able to read the height and width by looking inside the parameters field and then searching for the corresponding built-in parameter (here’s an example on how to do so).

Properties like normal and midpoint do not really exist as parameters in Revit and so are not available directly, but you should be able to calculate them quite using their rotation (radians) and base point?


Thanks a lot. One more question, is the basepoint a corner of the window and if that is the case, what corner?

The base point should be the origin of the family document cointaining it, so it really depends on how the window is modeled.
Generally, it should be in the center of the bottom edge of the window.