Get IfcSpace Geometry from file in stream in Visual PowerBI

Hey guys

I tried to get the geometry from an IFC-Model via Stream (Upload File) in Power BI.
In Power BI it seems there are just a few data and no visual of the rooms - I checked the file in another ifc-viewer (solibri) and the rooms are there and visable.

here is the link to the stream on speckle: Speckle

Hey Gabriel, welcome to our community!

I’m not sure the IfcSpace is supported, @gokermu might know more about that.
But I also noticed the IFC comes from ArchiCAD, have you tried sending the model directly from our ArchiCAD connector instead?

hey @teocomi thank you! really looking forward to testing the spectrum of Speckle :wink:
The thing is, sometimes we just get the Ifc-file and we need to work with it (you get what you get).

So I saw the rooms in Solibri and there are the pyramids as well, which are shown in Speckle as well, but no room-geometry. Hope you can follow. Can I give you more data or anything else, so you might have a look into it?

We used Tracer in PowerBI before and now we want to test Speckle, as it is way easier and better implemented than Tracer.

Hey @MrNeverland ,

Our current IFCjs converter implementation has a known limitation where IFCSpaces are not converted into 3D geometry Is IfcSpace supported? - #4 by dimitrie. However, we are working on tackling this issue in the future! In the meantime, as a workaround, I recommend opening the IFC in one of the apps that we have a connector for, such as Navisworks, Rhino, Archicad, Blender, and then sending it from there. Hope this helps!