GeoSun and Text Tags?

Now that we got better shadows rendering in:

  • one suggestion would be: ome type of UI for Geo accurate sun based shadows. So im thinking generate sunvector based on Lat Long date + time parameters. There are alot of people delivering sun studies and this seems like a really cool way of showing it.

  • Second feature suggestion, maybe not so doable: Speckle text tag/label object that can render text in the viewer. This would be especially usefull for analysis meshes and displaying plus heights for certain building or terrain features

  • 2D HUD text allowing some sort of explanation / description of what is being displayed in the modell - saved on and other various info. Static Legends when displaying data would also be cool

As soon as the Beautiful Shadows was released and announced we anticipated this request would come and for sure it is something that has been discussed.

  • Right now the sun control is for the better viewer preview experience rather than part of an analysis objective, but what you describe makes sense. We are already including some information from some connectors about the geospatial locations so it’s not a huge conceptual leap.

  • Legends in general have come up occasionally for different use-cases and could be useful.

  • Text tag rendering; that could mean all sorts of things and could be either straightforward/nightmare hard to get right in the 3D context. No plans right now for expecting a high fidelity reproduction of 2D drawings, say, but annotations, measurements etc are clear interactions worth considering.